"Carolyn Shuster-Fournier delighted her audience. Her concert at the parish church in Saint-Tropez drew a large crowd. The public gave her a standing ovation at the end of her hour-long concert. She conquered her public." (S.A., Varmatin, December 3, 2008);


     "Karolyn Shuster Fournier opened this series in hommage to Olivier Messiaen by the Festival Musica in Strasburg. She chose registrations on the Walcker organ at the Saint-Paul Church that were most adequate for Messaien's Ascension. She did this with subtlety, bringing out the linear writing of Lenot's compositions, which she had intensively meditated." (Marc Munch, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, September 25, 2008);

     "Alternating powerful pieces with more subtle ones, the entire concert left a most beautiful sentiment of peace and deep inspiration, close to that of prayer." (Dimanche Bruxelles, October 5, 2008 (after my concert at the Saint-Servais Church in Brussels).


     "The final organ concert of this season was a final bouquet. Carolyn Shuster Fournier offered music that touched each listener." (Union, August 20, 2008, after my concert on August 31 at the Soissons Cathedral);

     "She is a very great organist." (ALAIN DUAULT, RTL RADIO, Paris, France, April, 2005);

    "Guest artist Carolyn Shuster Fournier from Paris was a bright spot of the conference. Her rendition of Franck's Prelude, Fugue and Variation was outstanding. Excellent program notes..." (44th Organ Conference at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, in October, 2004, PAUL A. BENDER, THE AMERICAN ORGANIST);


     "Thank you so much for your superb recital and lecture for our Conference. You played so elegantly, and the programming was just right for the organ and the occasion. Your knowledge of Cavaillé-Coll organs and your dedication in researching them is impressive, too!" (James Kibbie, October 8, 2004);

    "Carolyn Shuster Fournier possesses everything which distinguishes the class of the greatest soloists. Her concert at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges seduced and brought joy and pleasure to the audience." (Dauphiné libéré, February 2, 2002);

    "Emotion was at its highest point...this musician's mastery of the instrument was magnificent." (F.-X. G, Alsace lorraine, August 14, 2000);

    "The Organ from House to Church Concerts, a Fascinating Evening with Music and Slides." (Decize/Lecture-Concert, Pascal LARCHER, Journal du Centre, September 19,1999);

    "This international concert artist communicated perfectly to her audience in quite a varied program that crossed the centuries. " (P. M., La République du Centre, July 19,1999);

    "The Organ at its Highest Level...a Fascinating Artist." (Maurice HENNEBICQ, Sud Ouest, 1998);

    "The French Organ Valorized by Fingers Coming from America." (R. PICHOT, Belfort, 1986).

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